Asarel-Medet JSC Handed Out 218 Awards for Professionalism and Continuous Labor Experience

  Asarel- Medet  JSC followed its tradition and handed out  218 awards for its professional holiday.  Workers and employees nominated by their coworkers as best in the profession and those who have 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of continuous labor experience at our company were awarded.   Awards for 45-year labor experience were bestowed for the first time at our company.  Their holders are the chairperson of the Confederation of the Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria, Marko Gerginski, and the manager of  our subsidiary Asarel-Remont OOD,  eng. Ivan Ignatov. “I feel as though my first day at work was yesterday. On November 25, 1975, I went to the plant and its manager showed me a dismantled engine saying: “Start working on it.” I just stared awkwardly, because at that time I could only read circuits, but I got into the routine for a couple of months.”, the  trade union member gets retrospective with a smile.

The employees with four decades of labor experience Magda Dzhunova, Minka Milyova and Ivan Zaekov were among the awarded. The Executive Director and Chairperson of the Management Board, eng. Delcho Nikolov, has the same length of service. The power engineer eng. Todor Angelov was the holder of the For Merits to the company Honorary Token.   The best manager awards were bestowed to eng. Zdravka Karparov, eng. Mariela Dzhidzhinkova, eng. Stoil Troshanov, eng. Petar Dermendzhiev, eng. Todor Pakov and Dimitar Dimitrov.   The company’s management trustee, Galya Kostova, handed out the awards and expressed her appreciation to all her colleagues and award holders. In her address, she underlined that the holiday spirit is in everybody’s soul, since it carries positivism power, community feeling and satisfaction to transmit your energy to the person next to you, give him a hand, support and motivate him. 

The awards of the honored 218 workers, employees and managers were handed in from 18 to 25 August and this timeframe was selected due to the preventive measures against COVID-19 spread. The holiday started with a water blessing ceremony served by priest oeconomus  Atanas Manolov,  prelate at the spiritual district of Panagyurishte and priest Angel Razgradliev in front of the company’s chapel Holy Mother of God – Origin of Life. “May we believe that God and St. Ivan Rilski will send health and blessings to all people working here and to their families to continue their good deeds”, priest Atanas Manolov said after the water blessing ceremony.