Dimitar Tsotsorkov Participated in the World Economic and Social Recovery Forum

The Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of  Asarel-Medet, JSC, Dimitar Tsotsorkov, took part in the world economic and social recovery  forum RECOVER BETTER. RECOVER STRONGER. RECOVER TOGETHER which was held on June 16. The event formed part of the UN Global Compact initiatives for the 20th anniversary from the organization foundation.  The Bulgarian panel was conducted into three consecutive sessions focused on the changing business processes and relations in the society, priority rearrangement and common actions which became possible thanks to the shared values.  Elitsa Barakova, CEO of Bcause Foundation, Krasimir Nenov,  CEO of ContourGlobal Maritsa Iztok 3, Sylvia Peneva,  managing partner of Deloitte Bulgaria and Ognyan Trayanov, owner and  CEO of TechnoLogica and chairperson of the UN Global Compact Bulgaria  Network as a session facilitator also participated in the discussion.

A top priority for the business in any area is to safeguard its people’s health.  The common measures such as using protective means, strict control over the access to the work place, remote work from home when possible have been combined with specific for each company measures especially by the businesses with around-the-clock operations such as energy producers and mining industry. ContourGlobal Maritsa Iztok 3 adheres to the work group recommendations at a global level and its own initiatives such as transportation rearrangement to the main office and accommodating one of its premises located on the company territory into a dwelling area for more than 200 in order to ensure continuous operations and enhanced safety for the employee’s families. According to Krasimir Nenov, CEO of the company, the strong spirit and teamwork were obvious.


According to Dimitar Tsotsorkov, the company’s investments in the region of many years, active work with the local community and anti-crisis strategies contributed to the smoother transitioning through the pandemic in the area. The local hospital, created with investments of  Asarel-Medet, has at its disposal 300 beds where more than 700 medical workers provide health care ensuring enhanced safety for people. Sustainable partnership with stakeholders is paid exactly in times  of crisis.

Engagement enhancement is observed both in employees and clients, including adherence to corporate culture, according to Sylvia Peneva, managing partner of Deloitte Bulgaria. Ethical companies will be among the most attractive in the future not only as employers, but also as partners.  

The conclusions made after the pandemic, which was the second session subject, indicate a change in the business processes and partnerships. The crisis accelerated certain digitalization and supply chain shortening related processes. The Bulgarian companies are equivalent to the world ones and a change in national business focused partnerships is possible,  according to Dimitar Tsotsorkov.

This is also valid for the non-governmental sector partnerships. We witnessed pushing on philanthropy and improving its transparency, including in electronic media, according to Elitsa Barakova. The crisis revealed what we have at our disposal and what we are good at. The most vulnerable we given strong support thanks to the infrastructure of social organizations. Only in the platform of BCause Foundation, more than 10 donation campaigns were active and 1, 815, 000 BGN were raised for 40 days. The number of activities performed by non-governmental organization, involved people and volunteers grew up during the crisis.  

The third topic in the discussion was the possible future and the general conclusion from it is that only being united we can overcome the global challenges. Our burden on the earth is unquestionable. The satellite pictures from Venice, the air in Sofia and the restricted activity only for a couple of months show visible results. This gives us hope that the business and societies can get mobilized towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

We can together contribute more to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. For ContourGlobal Maritsa Iztok 3, the electric power production is directly related with one of the Goals and this has been set forth in its corporate strategy as well.  More than 1 billion and 400 million BGN have been invested in its branch in Bulgaria in the recent 17 years in order to ensure reliable electric power production and environmental protection measurements.


The projects being developed by the Bulgaria Network, especially I am Proud of My Parents’ Labor and Job Bazaar bring direct benefits for  Asarel: they show how much mining production has changed in the recent years and that it is in conformity with our transparency to the society, employees and media. Thanks to them, it becomes obvious that the new technologies, automation and investment in environmental protection  are far beyond the required, according to Dimitar Tsotsorkov.

The business in the future will have an increasingly greater significance for the society sustainability.  The crisis taught us lessons which all of us are to learn that the society requires stronger commitment, unity and responsibility”, Ognyan Trayanov stated in conclusion of the discussion.