The International Championship in Fireworks Starts on May 25. Assarel-Medet JSC is General Sponsor

The sixth in a row edition of the World Fireworks Championship for the Cup of the town of Panagyurishte, Bulgaria – 2018 starts this Friday, May 25. Assarel-Medet is General Sponsor of the event which is organized by Panagyurishte Municipality and  Ognena Chrizantema (Fire Chrysanthemum) company. Teams from Kazakhstan, Norway and Ukraine will compete this year. 

The championship has been scheduled at 8 p.m. on May 25 and fireworks by  followed by Ognena Chrizantema,  concerts of Donna, Cofein  band and Stenly Live new band. The team of Kazakhstan who won the world championship in 2017 will be the first to demonstrate their show.

The team from Norway will show their abilities on May 26 and the spectators will enjoy the performance of   Slippers band, Mihaela Fileva and the revived Ahat group. 

On the last day of the championship, May 27, the team from Ukraine will manifest their fireworks show and the artistic program envisions performance by David Belishki, Christiana Loizou,  Deep Zone Project  and  the band from Pazadzhik Voice & Fingers.

According to the time-limit, the contesting teams present a 2-minute free firework show which is not evaluated. Then, they will have from 3 to 7 minutes at their disposal in which they will give their contesting show. The conditions for all participants are equal. The same effects and materials have been provided. The explosive size is the same for all teams and the number of fireworks is equal.   The talent and the ability to present  the fireworks art are of a crucial significance for the performance of the contesters under the above conditions.