Lachezar Tsotsorkov Foundation Supports the Fight against COVID-19 by Donating Personal Protective Equipment and Rapid Diagnostic Tests

Sofia, Bulgaria (March 31, 2020) A donation at the amount of  300, 000 BGN, including personal protective equipment, rapid diagnostic tests and financial support in the fight against coronavirus will be provided by Lachezar Tsotsokov Foundation with the assistance of Uni Hospital General Medical Treatment Facility, Panagyurishte and the support by the Bulgarian Medical Association. The Foundation expressed its willingness to support the activity of the government, healthcare authorities and National Operational Headquarters by supplying free personal protective equipment and rapid diagnostic tests in order to ensure the medical team safety at the medical facilities.


“This time period demonstrates us that not only money is important to cope with this unprecedented for the humankind challenge, but the way in which funds are managed, teamwork, trust between people and confidence in the institutions also matter. Now is the time when all of us, Bulgarians, need to be united and follow the rules established by our Government and World Health Organization experts, because only acting together we will overcome the crisis.”, the Chairperson of the Foundation and Assarel-Medet Supervisory Board, Dimitar Tsotsorkov stated.  Mr. Tsotsorkov underlined that he and his team remain faithful to their motto: “To Start First Means to Be on Time” and added: “The Foundation and the companies I manage want to help people in satisfying their most basic needs, contribute to the institutions which are and will remain on the forefront in the fight against the pandemic in Bulgaria.”


In their endeavor to provide the utmost support to the medical teams, Lachezar Tsotsokov Foundation and Uni Hospital General Medical Treatment Facility will donate 1,000 face shields, 300 silver-ion suits, 7,000 reusable masks, 1,000 litres of medical alcohol and 10,000 rapid diagnostic test kits for screening.  5,000 of these rapid diagnostic tests will be donated directly to the Ministry of Healthcare in Republic of Bulgaria and the National Operational Headquarters to fight against the pandemics.

The protective outfits and the remaining 5, 000 tests will be supplied to medical facilities which deal with the incidence of complications of COVID-19 patients and form part of the hospitals in which a higher risk of augmenting the infected patient influx exists. A partial list of the support recipients includes Pirogov, Alexandrovska,   St. Ana, St. Georgi, Tsaritsa Ioana – ISUL, Dobrich Hospital, Maichin Dom, St. Marina, etc.

 About the Foundation and Uni Hospital General Medical Treatment Facility:

Founded in 2019, Lachezar Tsotsokov Foundation is a private foundation with a major goal to contribute to the Bulgarian society welfare and development.  The Foundation also implements multiple projects aimed at supporting culture and talent development, innovation, education and healthcare achievement fostering, support to the well-being of socially disadvantaged children.  

Uni Hospital General Medical Treatment Facility, Panagyurishte is a medical complex furnished with state-of-the-art equipment, 340 beds and 30 departments where more than 700 medical specialists work focusing on complex treatment of most  socially significant diseases, emergency medicine and follow-up treatment. The general treatment facility was built as a public-private partnership with an investment made by Assrel-Medet JSC at the amount of more than 120 mln. BGN.