Assarel-Medet JSC Received the Company Holiday with Two Awards of the Industry and Planned Investments of 100 Mln. BGN

Thousands of workers and employees of Assarel, their families, employees of long experience in the company, thousands of residents and guests of Panagyurishte and the region gathered today in Pnagyurski Kolonii resort to celebrate the professional and corporate holiday of  Assarel-Medet JSC. Among the official guests were the deputies Petar Kanev, Desislava Todorova, prof. Stanislav Stanilov and Slavcho Velkov, the Mayor of Panagyurishte Municipality Nikola Belishki, the deputy district governors Yordan Kozhuharov and Petar Belchev, the Chairperson of the  Municipal Counsel in Panagyurishte Hristo Kaloyanov and municipal counselors, mayors of municipalities and localities in the region, the president of Podkrepa Labor Confederation Dimitar Manolov, representatives of the British Embassy and the Russian Embassy, managers of state and municipal institutions, industrial and civil associations and partners of the company. 

The Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of Assarel-Medet JSC Dimitar Tsostokov  greeted the guests and thanked all workers and employees of the company for the achieved results.  “Thanks to you, Assarel-Medet continues to hold its position of a leader in the Bulgarian ore mining  industry and to obtain excellent production and financial results. You are an example of what living in a united family means”, Dimitar Tsostokov said. “Last year, for the first time in our 50 year history, and I hope for the last time, we did not celebrate. Last year, we lost prof. Lachezar Tsostokov, PhD – the visionary and leader thanks to whom Assarel-Medet became what it is now. May there be light for his soul where he is now. I am sure that he is smiling and he is pleased because the family of  Assarel-Medet today has some of its best results in its history and it keeps on making the world a better place.  Like any clear-sighted family, we think about our future. We have seven sustainable development programs in which we have invested more than 1.2 billion BGN since 1999. These funds have been invested here, in Bulgaria, in technologies of latest generation for occupational health and safety, environmental protection, prime cost reduction, corporate social responsibility and increasing the ore reserves.  This policy and far-sighted vision guarantee for us long years of success and good social and economic development of our hometown, Panagyurishte“, Dimitar Tsostokov said in his welcoming address. 

In memoriam of the late chairperson of the  Supervisory Board of Assarel-Medet JSC, one of his favorite songs “If You Have Given” was sung by margarita Hranova.

“Our  investments in environmental protection and occupational health and safety were again acknowledged as we were awarded again with the national industrial awards of the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology during the national celebration a week ago.  In 2017, we were awarded with Green Innovation award for the unique project of an operational mining dump rehabilitation”, the Chairperson of the Management Board and Executive Director of Assarel-Medet JSC eng. Delcho Nikolov highlighted. Only a month ago, we defended a certificate for Energy Efficiency ISO 50 001 which means that  we meet all international requirements for power saving and energy efficient operations. Since the beginning of the year, we have been reporting over-fulfillment of the natural and technological indices of the company’s business plan which is a testimonial for the good work of the management and the efforts and skills of all of us.  In 2017, we invested in our seven corporate development programs of more than 90 million BGN. For 2018 we have planned new funds amounting to more than 100 million BGN which will be mainly spent in  the delivery of new highly efficient equipment”, the Executive Director underlined.  

         “All of us, as the team of Assarel but not as managers, employees and workers because I do not like this classification, face serious challenges.  The first one is reducing the prime cost and continuous implementation of new technologies   which requires investment and innovations. The second challenge is the access to resources. This is an exceptionally serious issue which requires three components: proactiveness, social consent and clear governmental position. The third challenge comes from finding and recruiting promising staff or expressed in a clear and direct manner: Let us leave our children here as calm, fulfilled and active people”, he also said in his welcoming address.  

         As a conclusion, eng. Nikolov thanked to all workers and employees in the company for being dedicated and diligent, strong and genuine and for standing for common meaningful causes.  


“This holiday is a proof that the Assarel family is alive. It is alive because it follows the right policy. You not only abide to high standards but you also create them. I know that I can always rely on Assarel-Medet. Such was the case when in a state of emergency due to the water crises,   Assarel-Medet under no conditions and bargaining helped us for the water pipeline repairs”, the Mayor of Panagyurishte Municipality said.  

The Chairperson of the Management Board of Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology greeted all workers and employees of the company for their holiday and he stated that  Assarel-Medet JSC of Bulgarian mining industry.  

The Executive Chairperson of Bulgarian Industrial Association, Radosvet Radev, stressed on the fact that for him Assarel-Medet JSC is a paragon of management leadership and long-term development vision. “A company like yours is respected by everyone – partners and competitors”, Radosvet Radev said.

The president of Podkrepa Labor Confederation, Dimitar Manolov stated that  thanks to the corporate culture created in Assarel-Medet JSC by the late Chairperson of the  Supervisory Board prof.  Lachezar Tsostokov, PhD, Panagyurishte is among the most youthful and beautiful towns in Bulgaria. “You have a sports hall which big district cities do not have. You have jobs, you have good remuneration. If there were another thousand companies like Assarel-Medet, Bulgarian would be thriving“, Dimitar Manolov said.

Valenitin Valchev, Chairperson of  the Federation of Independent  Miner Trade Unions at the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria, congratulated all miners for their holiday and he declared that their job is the hardest but also the most praiseworthy one”, Valenitin Valchev added.

The celebration started with grateful prayer service which was made at the chapel St. Ivan Rilski by bishop vicar archpriest Atanas Manolov.  The employees and workers of Assarel and the guests at the celebration enjoyed the folklore magic of Severnyashki dance ensemble from Pleven and the young dancers from Tangra dance group from the village of Popintsi. The hits of Orlin Goranov, Doni and Neti and the modern songs of Poly Genova supplemented the variegated musical palette. The famous actors Petko Petkov-Shaibata and Veselin Draganov, Delcho Radivchev brass band at Videlina  1865-Panagyurishte cultural center, Elinor and Panagyurishte Treasure dance groups from the Personal Development Support Center in Panagyurishte took care for the good mood of the celebrating people.   

         A special emphasis in the Miner’s Day program was the legendary vocal of Uriah Heep, John Lawton, and BTR rock group.  


The guests tasted the mutton offering soup prepared by the culinary virtuoso Uti Bachvarov prepared in a cauldron of copper mined from Assarel and there were entertainments and attractions for the youngest.  

Following the tradition, a celebration horo dance curled 
which was led by the Chairperson of the  Supervisory Board of Assarel-Medet Dimitar Tsostokov   and the flag bearer of the company Ilin Ranchev who has more than  35 years of labor experience at the company.