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Да тръгнем първи, означава да тръгнем навреме.

Corporate symbols

Badge of the Company

Registered as a Reserved Trademark in the Patent Office of Republic of Bulgaria.

Flag of the Company

The company’s flag of “Assarel-Medet” JSC was consecrated in 1994 on occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the commissioning of the Medet Mining and Processing Complex and 5 years since the first ton of copper concentrate was produced in Assarel Mining and Processing Complex .
It is waving next to the national tricolour flag and the European Union stars flag with dignity and it is proudly carried by the worker with the longest experience in the company at any celebration of the Company’s day and on January 31, 1995 it was waved in the Bulgarian Antarctic Base on the island of Livingston.

Company's Celebration Day

Miner's Day

The company celebrates the Miner’s Day as its professional day every year. Thousands of guests join the impressive ceremony in the village of Panagyurskie Kolonii which takes place on the last Saturday of August and it turns into a feast for the entire region.
The national celebration of the Miner’s Day takes place in Sofia on August, 18 which is the Day of St. John of Rila, a patron of the Bulgarian miners.

Hymn of the Company


Music: Toncho Russev
Text: Michail Belchev
Arrangement: Konstantin Kotzev
Performed by: Duo “Rithon”

Assarel-Medet You are our destiny
Assarel-Medet Our love and our tear
Assarel-Medet Our body, our blood

If I ever have some cause
To leave this place sometime
I wouldn’t like to change it
for another anyway
and I would like that
our children know how
We had blissful life
at Assarel-Medet.


first1.jpg "Assarel - Medet" Mining and Processing Complex
first_Asarel_vision_bg.jpg Video presentation of " Assarel - Medet"
1.jpg Miner's Day