From Nature to people, from people to Nature!

Да тръгнем първи, означава да тръгнем навреме.


Our Style

We are a large and united team of partners. We adopt the policy, mission, vision and the strategic aim of the company as our personal cause and we work dedicatedly for its achievement.

We confirm the primary role of law and we ensure its observance, defending the company’s rights and lawful interests.

We resolutely declare ourselves and work uncompromisingly against all forms of corruption, discrimination and criminal acts. We do not perform any kind of political propaganda on the territory of the company.

We observe the standards of ethical conduct which belong to our code of ethics. Honesty, respect and uprightness are our major principles.

We purposefully create a strong and stable corporate culture in which corporate values are broadly shared by all members of our team.

We endeavor to protect and promote the prestige of our company everywhere and in everything by stating our intolerance against inadequate and disloyal actions.

We adhere unconditionally to the safe, healthy and environment friendly requirements and we strive to lead a life in conformity with nature.

As a priority, we abide by the specific field of activity intrinsic to our company. In our working environment we create leaders whose adherence to the company’s policy is paramount and who inspire trust, motivation and fruitful enthusiasm.

We cannot exert any influence upon the crucial for our activity changes of the international copper prices but we are convinced that we are able and responsible as individuals and as a team to improve ourselves and the company.

In our work we endeavor to generate and add value for the shareholders, society, our team and our direct manager. Our sole standard of behavior, thinking and action is doing everything in a timely manner and high quality with a good care.

We base our managerial decisions and practical actions on a long-term policy and objectives even on the account of short-term financial benefits.

We are fully aware that the large scales, continuous nature and specific conditions of the highly hazardous mining operations require from all of us a high degree of organization and professionalism in our thoughts and actions, unceasing vigilance and readiness for an adequate response.

We apply a systematic approach in order to define our problems through precise monitoring, risk evaluation and in-depth analysis of facts and trends in all directions of our activity which goes along with immediate and reasonable actions as a priority is given to preventive measure.

We ensure a fast exchange of unbiased information and harmonious teamwork in order to identify any problem on time and to resolve it at the smallest losses possible.

We think first and then act. We achieve a consensus for our decisions and we fulfill them quickly providing a feedback about the results. We discuss any challenges, issues and alternatives for action with all who are concerned and who can contribute.

We ask immediately everybody about everything which we do not understand or know and we ask our colleagues, managers and partners for help whenever we have any doubts or find difficulties in resolving our problems.

We are innovatively orientated and we actively support any initiative for improvements by encouraging any personal or joint input. We reduce to zero the time when a project is in a standby of or waiting for someone to start working on it.
We are involved in continuous training and development being aware that nothing is good enough and that there is always room for improvement. We improve all processes with a set purpose scrutinizing the facts through personal surveillance, data verification and decision control.

We accept criticism as an opportunity for improvement and we encourage transforming the complaints into ideas, suggestions and decisions for work perfection.

We are willing to face challenges, inevitable obstacles and errors as an opportunity for development and benefits. We set the example and we do not decline following it.

We provoke our external partners to develop and grow by introducing to them our ambitious requirements and helping them with their fulfillment.

The doors of our company are widely open for any contacts and dialogue. With their notable presence, stand and wide open eyes and hearts for new ideas and challenges our representatives are on the “stage” of scientific, technical, economic and social life in the country and abroad.

We dream and we convert our dreams into intentions, policy and strategy which we fulfill with enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism along the road of incessant perfection.

We respect ourselves, our colleagues, our employer, partners, the municipality of Panagyurishte and our Motherland – the Republic of Bulgaria.

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