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Company Policy

General Corporate Policy  - Our objectives and Values

The general corporate policy of Assarel-Medet is a constituting document approved by the Board of Directors and updated on a regular basis. The major joint strategic objectives and values which unite our team are stipulated in it.

Our general corporate policy is crucial for the development, implementation and maintenance of the Integrated Management System in compliance with the international standards for quality management, environment protection and occupational safety and health. This document serves for constant improvement of the processes and meeting the requirements of all interested parties.

The first document determining the corporate policy was discussed by the employees and workers and approved by the Board of Directors in 1991. it was updated respectively in 2001,2003 and 2007.
In the separate sections of this section you will get acquainted with our mission and motto, you will understand which principles determine our present corporate style and what our strategic objectives in the directions of main priority are – production, technical and innovation activity, finance and economy, supplies and production sales, social responsibility and corporate development, external control and corporate security . 
The main focus of our policy is our understanding about corporate social responsibility the goals of which are orientated towards several directions – occupational safety and health, environment protection, human resources and communication, sponsorship and partnership.

We present to the attention  of the interested parties our Code of Ethics accepted in 2007 in our capacity of  a transparent and socially responsible company.

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