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Ethic Codex

General Provisions

This code determines the moral and ethical principles and standards of behavior of the employees of Assarel-Medet JSC in compliance with the general corporate values which are grounded in the General Company Policy, as well as the UN’s Global Compact principles which serve as a prerequisite for prosperity of the company and its employees.
The objective of the Code of Ethics is to encourage and develop the paragon for service to society by habituating to high standards of ethics in business, acknowledging the importance of any fruitful labor and any company’s employee pursuit to defend his/her reputation, the reputation of his/her profession and the name of Assarel-Medet JSC.
The Code of Ethics is a system of moral and ethical standards and rules which all employees of the company including the temporary hired personnel shall voluntarily observe and follow.

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Rules Of Behavior

General Rules of Behavior

The personnel of the company shall observe the following rules of behavior when fulfilling their duties:
1. Unconditional observance and respect of the priority of law, protection of integral and universal values such as human dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity.

2. Any actions which are contradictory to the legal regulations or good business practice are intolerable notwithstanding the reasons provoking them. Good intentions do not justify any performance of illegal actions.

3. The workers/employees shall avoid any action which is or could be possibly described as denigrating Assarel-Medet’s good reputation.

4. Legal regulations observance underlies ethical business behavior. Although the employees are not expected to know in detail all laws in force, they have to be aware of the major rules concerning their field of activity and in case of hesitation they shall ask the company’s legal advisor for assistance.

5. Contractual agreements shall be deemed completely obligatory. Exercising any authority upon a contractor or a supplier in order to prevent the execution of any term in a contract or to make him/her perform an action which is not a part of the contractor’s or supplier’s contractual obligations is inadmissible.

6. The employees of Assarel-Medet JSC shall ask themselves the following four questions ruling the standards of ethics of the personality in relation to all they think, say or do:
- Is this true?
- Is it fair to everyone it concerns?
- Will this create good intentions and better friendships?
- Will it be of benefit to everyone it concerns?

Internal Company Behavior

1. The employees of Assarel-Medet JSC shall comply only with the company’s interests in their relations. They shall apply the established rules for positive attitude, propriety, respect of the other person’s honor and dignity.

2. The company’s employees are equal in their communication. The relations between them shall be based on trust, tolerance, adherence to ethics and mutual aid. Any professional and personal differences shall not be subject to public disputes.

3. No behavior which offends any employee’s personal dignity or honor shall be tolerated.

4. The employees of Assarel-Medet JSC shall: 
5.  Adhere to the hierarchy when fulfilling and on occasion of their duties.
6. Strive to uprightness and impartiality when making decisions.
7. Assume responsibility for their actions.
8. Encourage the feedback in any activity and any position. They shall look for other’s standpoints and opinions. They shall be actively involved in resolving the company’s problems.
9. Tolerate the free communication between managers and workers. They shall establish and maintain fellowship relations in the teams.
10. They shall not take advantage in the company to obtain any privileges and benefits for themselves or their families.
11. Endeavor to orderly thoughts and actions.

Making unreasonable complaints and disclosing denigrating facts about workers and employees of the company is not ethical. Their public declarations shall be impartial and true.

Personal Behavior

In fulfillment of their duties and social life the employees of Assarel-Medet JSC shall adhere a behavior which does not lower the prestige of the company as they shall:

1. Fulfill properly their duties and commitments to the company.

2. Develop themselves and people around them by determining what is important, what is crucial and what is irrelevant. They shall no endanger or violate their colleagues and business partners’ rights.

3. Denounce any forms of direct or indirect discrimination.

4. They cannot obtain personal benefits different from the payment from the company from an activity or service delivered on behalf and account of the company. They cannot accept any amounts of money or gifts unless those gifts are advertisement materials.

5. They are loyal in the relations with their partners and competitors.

6. They use internal company information only on occasion and fulfillment of any work related to Assarel-Medet JSC. They protect the intellectual property of the company and company’s partners. Their relations ensure confidentiality of our and our partner’s business.

7. They exclude any personal interest related to their business partners or companies, which are competitors of the company and are not involved in any deals which are incompatible with their position, functions and obligations.

8. They adhere to the Labor Code and Safety Rules; they abide by the laws governing the company’s activity and the internal rules for the company.


Relations with Business Partners

This Code allows conducting a transparent and open policy in the company’s activities. Competition is protected and encouraged and trust is promoted among shareholders, business partners and the society.
Struggle against all forms of corruption and pursuit of personal benefit is encouraged. The company’s employees participate and negotiate with their business partners in a good manner in compliance with the generally approved principles and standards for propriety showing the due respect to the partner with no inadmissible aggressiveness.

Commitment of the Management Team

1. The management team shall commit to apply and arrange the application of the present general company values in the atmosphere of transparency, dialogue and a free exchange of opinions, ideas and suggestions which also comply with the Requirements for the Good Worker, Expert and Manager in Assarel-Medet JSC.

2. Undertake all needed actions in order to provide the highest standards for quality, occupational safety and health, environment protection, human capital development and transparent cooperation with all parties concerned inside and outside the company.

3. Adhere to the principle for transparency and declaration of the undertaken obligations as a component of the ISO Standards for quality management, environment protection and occupational safety and health.

4. Be aware that they are responsible to make the personnel feel respected by paying regard to their personal dignity, encouraging their strong features and creating a sense of security at work.

5. Provide all workers and employees with an equal opportunity for professional growth, contribution and development by assessing the achieved results in a proper and unbiased manner.

6. Develop leadership qualities. Leadership means to learn how to motivate, influence and guide other people.

7. Stimulate personal proactiveness, develop individuality and enhance personnel’s motivation by all appropriate means including fair and adequate remuneration.

8. Encourage respect, trust and loyalty to the company in the team without tolerating any actions contradictory to the common policy and values.

9. Show no tolerance to all forms of irresponsibility, duplicity, envy, gossiping, lies, indolence, negligence, treachery, groveling by adhering to the motto: “It is good to be an important person but it is more important to be a good employee at your position in the company”.

10. Ensure protection of personal data and any confidential personal information about company’s workers and employees which was disclosed to them when fulfilling or on occasion of their professional duties as no lesion of personal life inviolability shall be admitted.

11. Ensure the respect of all human rights and freedom of personality when fulfilling or on occasion of their professional duties.

12. Conduct a policy of open communication which is to bring improvement and development of the present Code, general company policy and culture.

Additional Provisions

The standards of the present Code are a voluntary moral and ethical obligation for behavior of the workers and employees of Assarel-Medet JSC. When a new employee/worker enters into office his/her direct manager shall introduce to him/her the provisions of this code and ask him/her to sign the following declaration: “Being guided by the moral and ethical principles of behavior in my activity, I am aware and I commit to adhere to the present Code of Ethics.”

The company’s workers and employees shall abide by the provisions of the Present Code of Ethics and thus they shall be informed about any amendments or changes by the management.
The standards of the present Code shall be applied to the extent to which they are not contradictory to the Labor Code and the other legislation in force.