From Nature to people, from people to Nature!

Да тръгнем първи, означава да тръгнем навреме.

Production, Finances and Realization

Production, Technical and Innovation Activity

We perform organization of highly efficient production, technical and innovation activity focused toward increasing the natural productivity per person, energy efficiency and reducing the production price cost and expenses below the market incomes from sales of the production through achieving a higher quality of work, products and services.

first1.jpg "Assarel - Medet" Mining and Processing Complex

Finances and Economy

We aim to providing an efficient financial, economic and informational back up to the overall activity and development programs of the company in order to increase the long-term value of the share capital and profit. We provide insurance against any production, natural, price, currency and health risk.

1.jpg Asarel Mining

Production Deliveries and Sales

We endeavor to sell the products at the best price conditions and no losses, delivery of the necessary goods and services possessing the required quality and terms at minimal logistical costs and best prices (price per unit of production, warranty and service) directly by established partners on the market.

1.jpg Enrichment Factory "Asarel"
1.jpg Copper Ore Deposit of "Assarel"