From Nature to people, from people to Nature!

Да тръгнем първи, означава да тръгнем навреме.

Sponsorship and Partnership

Donations and Partnership

Active involvement in the social and civil dialogue through successive actions in order to create economic stability and social security.

Donation orientated policy with a priority toward implementation of significant infrastructure projects and life standard improvement in the municipality of Panagyurishte - the place where we work and live and where our children and grandchildren grow.

Assistance for establishing cooperation between the municipality and dynamically developing European and other cities based on our company’s high prestige and contacts wit international partners.

Active involvement and encouragement of the regional, national and branch association formation and efforts uniting in order to create favorable business climate.

Public-private partnership with the municipalities and the state along the technological chain for copper mining and processing in the region of the central Sredna Gora mountain through the Srednogorie Med Industrial Cluster.

Sharing the sustainable development principles of the UN Global Compact of which our company is a member.

Contribution to Bulgaria’s authority establishment in front of the European and world community. Participation in Euromin, the World Mining Congress and support for the participation of Bulgaria in prestigious international initiatives.

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