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Development, Audit and Security

Corporate Development

We are actively involved in the development of the corporate holding organizational structure with the purpose of achieving efficient management of a portfolio of assets and resources along with duly restructuring of the share capital in other mining activities and other effective productions which are not time-limited on the territory of the municipality, the country and abroad.

first_Asarel_vision_bg.jpg "Lights over the town" - a Film about the History of the Company

Internal Control

Our internal control is expressed in:
- Exercising continuous, efficient and preventive quality control of the approved parameters of the technological processes at the input, the output and inside the company. Maintaining uncompromisingly high quality of work, products and services in compliance with the requirements of the Integrated Management System for quality management, ISO 9001:2000; environment protection, ISO 14001:2004 and healthy and safe labor conditions, OHSAS 18001:2002.

- Systematic auditing and evaluation of the activities state in the company in compliance with the strategy, objectives and development programs in order to make improvements and take preventive measures.

- Creating conditions for efficient functioning of the management bodies in the company.

Corporate Security

Our corporate security policy involves timely and efficient prevention, identification, detection and interruption of any possibilities for violation over the company’s assets and interests. Ensuring security for the share holders and employees under the conditions of the constantly changing business environment.