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An Integrated Information System Supports Mine Planning at the Asarel Mine

"A unique project on the Balkans integrates into a common information system the drilling and blasting mining activities with a digital geological, structural and hydrogeological model of the Asarel deposit”, the Mine Manager, Ivan Andreev, announced.  He pointed out that only world top mining companies have such an information system at their disposal. At Asarel-Medet, the system will encompass all processes which the Mine Engineering department and Drilling and Blasting Activities unit at the Asarel Mine are in charge of: starting from geological explorations  and geological block model development of the depoisit, mining activity planning and drilling and blasting works designing to reporting the mined material and assessing the wall slope and wall stabilities.  

The first stages from the information system building started more than ten years ago when the long-term mine planning and quantitative data base modeling system was implemented“, eng. Stoyo Bosnev, head of the Mine Engineering Department at Asarel-Medet JSC, said. “These digital systems existed as standalone units so far and data exchange was performed through the emails which does not ensure a one-hundred percent trustworthiness in real time“, he explained.

The studies of a comprehensive system were initiated back in 2018 when Datamine were selected as a contractor of the state-of-the-art integrated solution. Being a world leader, they provide solutions covering exploration, resource modeling, pit design, operations, logistic and marketing for more than 6,000 companies all over the world.


“In late 2020, the specialists from Datamine completed the implementation of the digital system for drilling and blasting activities which enables an exclusively precise blasting design in  the depoisit. We are now capable of determining what quantity of material is to be exactly blasted and where the most appropriate place for most efficient and safest work is located.  It takes about  30 seconds to calculate the useful component in the material “, eng. Bosnev explained. “All this information is connected to the Wenco high precision drill positioning and the industrial drone which supports the work at the Mine Engineering department“.

The work on the integrated information system is expected to be finalized in mid 2021. The economic benefit from it is associated with the blasting work precise planning and implementation, but the project is also of a crucial significance for both contemporary mine planning and  environmental conformity and operation safety in the mine.