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Хиляди пяха с „Фондацията“, Миро и Йорданка Христова на пл. „20 април“ в Панагюрище

We invest 7 mln. BGN in the New Hotel Part of Kamengrad

The construction of the third stage of Kamengrad Hotel & SPA expansion in Panagyurishte started with a symbolic first sod on January  18 January. The investment is made by Asarel-Medet JSC through their subsidiary Thracian Hoteliers and it amounts to 7 million BGN. The design was made by Architect Alexandrina Nenkova from Tourist Stroy Proekt OOD, Pixi Stroi EOOD is the construction contractor and the supervision will be exercised by  Sechkov 1 EOOD.


“We are investing in Kamengrad Hotel expansion in the hardest possible period for the tourist sector, because a great tourist potential exists here which we continue developing.  Panagyurishte is an attractive destination for cultural historic,  SPA, conference, health and sport tourism“, Veselina Tsotsorkova who presented the investment pointed out on behalf of  Thracian Hoteliers. The new section of Kamengrad  is expected to be completed around Christmas in  2022 and the hotel capacity will be enhanced with 128 beds distributed into 56 double rooms and 5 apartments. The design provides for constructing a five-storey building in the current complex yard which will be connected to the existing hotel and will have an own SPA zone at its disposal.

The Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of Asarel-Medet JSC, Dimitar Tsotsorkov gave a symbolic start of the construction. He stated that this would be another successful investment in tourism development made by Asarel-Medet and wished that more projects of this kind would be implemented in the town and there would be more towns like  Panagyurishte in Bulgaria. “All this is possible thanks to the people with revival system of values who cherish their hometown“, he said.


The Executive Director of Asarel-Medet, eng. Delcho Nikolov stated that this was an emblematic investment of the company. “Mining business sometimes erroneously opposes tourism development. However, here in Panagyurishte, we have been witnessing a different situation for a long time: how mining business is the biggest investor in the local tourism creating with its project plenty of new opportunities for people and the region development “, eng. Delcho Nikolov said.

The Municipality Mayor, Nikola Belishki, congratulated Asarel-Medet for their latest large project and tourism and underlined that in times when many enterprises are shrinking their production,  investments of grand scale are made in the municipality of  Panagyurishte.

“Good Luck“, the District Governor of Pazardzhik District, Stephan Mirev, wished pointing out that  Kamengrad Hotel has been iconic for  Panagyurishte and has strengthened its positions as an attraction hub for tourists from all over the country and abroad.


The four-star Kamengrad Hotel was expanded in 2011 when Asarel-Medet built a state-of-the-art SPA center, two swimming pools with mineral water, a complex of conference rooms and sport playgrounds. The central hotel of Panagyurishte was renovated also in 1996 and it became Miner’s Home after this first reconstruction.  




Prior to the pandemic, Panagyurishte scored a significant growth in tourism and prove its potential as a tourist destination. The renovation of Kamengrad Hotel and the investment in Asarel Park Hotel, the annual hosting of the Golden Treasure of Panagyurishte in the museum treasure hall, the sport events held at Arena Asarel hall and the local cultural calendar contributed to the latter.  The number of registered tourists in the municipality of  Panagyurishte grew double to 22 thousand in 2019 versus 2015 according to the official statistical data in an analysis made by the Market Economy Institute. More than 2.3 thousand were the foreign tourists in 2019 which also is a record for the municipality and the actual number of stays at the hotel reached 48 thousand. They steadily grew with about 10 thousand in the recent two years prior to the pandemic, the Market Economy Institute also state.