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Да тръгнем първи, означава да тръгнем навреме.

Хиляди пяха с „Фондацията“, Миро и Йорданка Христова на пл. „20 април“ в Панагюрище

The Golden Treasure of Panagyurishte is Home Again

The original of the Golden Treasure of Panagyurishte is already home.  The unique Thracian antique pieces arrived with a strict police security convoy on September 23. For more than a hour the museum specialists from  Sofia and Panagyurishte arranged the vessels in the treasure hall.  The latter was built in 2012 with funds donated by Asarel-Medet JSC and Prof. Lachezar Tsotsorkov, PhD, as a patron of culture.


The young family Miroslav and Paola Ganevi from Montana were among the first who even in early dawn were waiting in front of the museum to see the treasure.  “We decided to spend a part of our honey moon in Panagyurishte and after we got to know that the original of the treasure would be back on September 23, we decided that we had to see it“, the happy newly married couple confessed. Their first wedding witnesses wished them to fill their home with a pile of small, even not elaborated from pure gold, treasures after their honey moon.


More than 20 people saw the unique Thracian masterpiece only in the first half an hour  once it was exhibited in the treasure hall at the Museum of History.  Georgi Ikonomov from Plovdiv, whose hobby is history and archaeology, was among them. “I have not had the chance to be close to the Golden Treasure of Panagyurishte original. The feeling when one sees such a masterpiece, elaborated by Thracian craftsmen for decades, is majestic”, the man confessed.


The  Golden Treasure of Panagyurishte will be hosted in the treasure hall by November  2 when it will travel back to the National Museum of History in  Sofia. All the costs for welcoming back the treasure in  Panagyurishte are assumed by Asarel-Medet JSC this year as well.