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Dimitar Tsotsorkov is elected as the new Chairperson of the UN Global Compact Network Bulgaria

Dimitar Tsotsorkov was unanimously elected as the new Chairperson of the UN Global Compact Network Bulgaria after Asarel-Medet again formed part of the entity’s National Council. At the general meeting held on February 21 in the country’s capital, he took over the office from Ognyan Trayanov, owner and Executive Director of TechoLogica, who had been in the lead for the past two terms.

Dimitar Tsotsorkov, who is the Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of Asarel-Medet JSC, became the first Bulgarian to be honored as an SDG pioneer by the UN Global Compact in New York for his contribution to the sustainable development goals last year. At the leadership handover, Ognyan Trayanov symbolically bestowed him a pen to sign the membership certificates of plenty of new companies which will join the organization in order  to demonstrate that business is a driving force for good deeds.

"The Global Compact and the UN Sustainable Development Goals are above unwavering faith in the future. Faith that it can get better, but yet a way of accomplishing this together. We, the members of the Bulgarian network, together with all those who cherish the sustainable development, will continue working on them in an undaunted manner. Although sometimes it seems difficult, although it seems far in the future, we will continue taking our small or larger steps in the right direction to inspire many more business representatives with this vision," Dimitar Tsotsorkov said. He pointed out that he takes his election as chairperson as an expression of trust, responsibility, acknowledgement, but also a plan for a plenty of work to be done.

"The Bulgarian network is a union of responsible business. We are an elite club without being elitist that shows and ensures that business is a driving force for good deeds. Beyond the production of innovative and quality products, we invest in benefits for the society that no one demands and cannot expect. Not only with the numerous socially responsible projects of each of the companies, but also in our common projects that we create and develop in order to make Bulgaria a better place. With them, we achieve more significant results, which together with the joint work, bring us satisfaction and inspiration for new ones", the previous Chairperson Ognyan Trayanov emphasized.

Overgas, Sopharma and the BCause Foundation will continue to be members of the National Counci during the 2023 - 2027 term, while Aurubis Bulgaria, Solvay Soda and Lidl Bulgaria are the new additions. The meeting was attended by Tim Kurthm Executive Director of Aurubis Bulgaria, Svetoslav Ivanov,  Executive Director of Overgaz Inc., Milena Dragiyska,  CEO of Lidl Bulgaria, who personally presented the nominations of their companies for the National Council. During the new term, Investor Media Group, St. Kliment Ohridski Sofi University and Kaufland Bulgaria will be involved in the Supervisory Board. All of them have managerial, representative and leadership functions and their commitments are related not only to the interaction of the Network with the Global Compact in New York and CSR Europe, but also to the affirmation of sustainability as the only way of development and prosperity of business and society. 

Membership certificates were bestowed to two of the three companies that joined the Bulgarian network since the beginning of the year: Zagorka and Cuminiano Foods during the meeting

The membership in the UN Global Compact Network Bulgaria is not for individuals, but for companies and organizations and joining it or its the governing bodies undergoes a verification provess by the UN Global Compact Headquarters.  The UN Global Compact Network Bulgaria has been expanded with new members over the past eight years and projects such as "I'm proud of my Parents' Labor", "Bazaar of Professions" and "Games for Kindness" have been adopted by dozens of companies.

The work model of the UN Global Compact Network Bulgaria through common projects on topics that are significant for the country and the region has been acknowledged by the Global Compact and is now part of the organization's strategy for growing globally. The UN Global Compact Network Bulgaria is also a national partner organization of the largest European business network for corporate and social responsibility, CSR Europe.

Starting this year, the UN Global Compact is introducing a new progress reporting form on the Sustainable Development Goals. It will help companies demonstrate their ESG performance and report on their progress in environmental, social and governance practices.