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Eng. Nikolay Peltekov is the Executive Director of Asarel-Medet JSC and a member of the company's Management Board

Eng. Nikolay Peltekov is the new Executive Director of Asarel-Medet JSC since January 4, 2023. The former Executive Director, Eng. Delcho Nikolov, will remain on his position of a Chairperson of the company's Management Board. In the spirit of company policies and values of Asarel-Medet JSC, they both will continue working in order to ensure the continuity and long-term sustainable development of the company.

This change became a fact after the Supervisory Board of Asarel-Medet JSC decided to increase the number of the Management Board members from four to five and set a new five-year authorization term for the board. Eng. Nikolay Peltekov was elected as a new member of the Management Board. The Supervisory Board also approved the resolution of the new staff members of the Management Board by the virtue of which the new executive director of the company is elected.

Eng. Nikolay Peltekov has been part of the company's team for 25 years and has demonstrated his professionalism during his career path as a long-term member of the senior management team. He was elected General Director of Asarel-Medet JSC on February 15, 2022 having previously been Director of  Maintenance and Repairs Activities for three years. Mr. Peltekov began his professional development as a machine fitter and technician at the Asarel Mine and subsequently headed the Cyclic Conveyor System and West Dump area.  He also headed the Concentrator Plant Maintenance and Repairs Workshop, Maintenance and Repairs Department and Maintenance and Repairs Engineering Department. 

Eng. Peltekov has graduated in Integration Mechanization and Conveyor Lines  from  St. Ivan Rilski University of Mining and Geology. Born on December 5, 1971. Married, with one daughter.