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Да тръгнем първи, означава да тръгнем навреме.

Хиляди пяха с „Фондацията“, Миро и Йорданка Христова на пл. „20 април“ в Панагюрище

880 Veteran Employees and Workers Received Presents from Asarel-Medet JSC

Totally  880 veteran employees and workers from Asarel-Medet JSC received company presents for the Miner’s Day. The veterans  expressed their sincere regret that they would not be able to meet and celebrate together in the village of Panagyurski Kolonii  due to the  COVID-19 pandemic  this year. Nikola Gerginekov, who used to work as a turner in the company, was among the first to receive his present. “We have had only good experiences at Asarel since we worked hard, were paid good salaries. Now, our pensions are good and Asarel give us presents every year”, he expresses his content. His coevals emphasized on the fact that the list of veterans who are given holiday presents gets longer every year.  “It seems that we, the retired people, became more numerous than those who still work at Asarel”, a former BeLAZ truck driver commented while waiting for his turn to receive his bag with presents. He also made a compliment to his coworker from the laboratory that she had become even more beautiful like a  “high school girl“. 

The presents for the Miner’s Day to thirteen veteran employees and workers from Asarel-Medet JSC who have difficulties walking were delivered by a smiling courier. Penka Perfanova and Nikola Penchev were made happy by the official in charge of the Information Center of Asarel-Medet JSC in Panagyurishte, Dechka Mangova. “We are so glad that you have not forgotten about us, although we are not part of Asarel-Medet for a long time“, the retired Asarel workers expressed their gratitude.

A present was delivered by “a private courier” to a namesake of the first democratically elected president of Bulgaria, Zhelyo Mitev Zhelev, who is from the village of Oborishe and used to be a turner at the Concentrator Plant for many years. “The President of Mechka (Oborishte)”, as his former Asarel coworkers facetiously call him, had authorized a friend of his from the village to take his present for the Miner’s Day as well. “May we be safe and sound and not be  given our treat for home next year, but eat and drink it outdoors”, the retired Asarel workers made a wish.